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the trick is to keep breathing

she doesn't want to fight against the tide

unfortunate hobo
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Department:Turk: Research
Rank: A
Info: DO NOT PROVOKE before 10AM or three cups of coffee
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i have too been playing with fifty-two cards
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Seventhe Dragomire - (1) Chemical engineer with one cat, a somewhat embarrassing crush on EXCEL, and not enough time on her hands. (2) Writer, photographer, musician, budding artist. (3) Someone who is ridiculously profane. (4) Somewhat insane member of Final Fantasy fandom. (5) A horribly sarcastic young woman with little tact, awful language, and a large sense of humour. (6) Coffee addict. (7) See also: Sev's Law.

Sev's Law - states that everyone is inherently lazy and that complex situations requiring various sorts of actions and choices will always default back to the state in which people can be as lazy as fucking possible.
Yes, it's named after me for a reason.

first_seventhe - the LJ of Sev Dragomire. Contains much rambling and many demands for dark chocolate. Not for the squeamish, prudish, or those who will not understand that sarcasm is my answer to everything. Fandom and general stuff is always public; personal stuff is always F-Locked, and you'd do best to remember that I did that on purpose.

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Still confused? The following should answer some questions:

"you spoony bard!", airship/lifebeacon = otp, anime, art, ass hobos, assless chaps, autumn, bands, banging that bitch, beacon, beer, being a drum machine, being a ho, being a slackass, being a whiny bitch, being drunk at cons, being nerdy, biking, bitchery, bjork, bogdog!, bourbon, boys, brown!, butt kittens, cameras, cats, chemical engineering, christ-off, chrono trigger, cloud, cloud's swords, cock jokes, coffee, colors, corgis, cowboy bebop, crack, crack pairings, crackfic, crossovers, dancing, darkroom, dragons, drums, drunken conventions, drunken shenanigans, edea, electric six, ellone, engineering, excel, fall colours, fashion, ff4, ffiv, final fantasy, fiona apple, flirting, garbage, geekery, girls, graduate school, guitar, harry potter, harry potter threesomes, headmasta of disasta, hobos, jazz, keyboards, kittens, kittens from my ass, kitties, kitty kitty, lists, long comment conversations, lulu, makeup, match, matching boob freckles, math, more bourbon!, more coffee, mpreg sisters, music, nikon, nikon d80, not getting herpes, ot3, ot4, penis text adventures, photography, piano, pimp jesus, pippin, playing music, pnipi, polymer science, polymers, portishead, quistis, reno/rydia, renoroth, rikku, rinoa, rosa, rydia, rydia/edge, rydia/kain, rydia/rosa, secret of mana, selphie, sev/zeromus, seven, seventhe, sexually ambiguous carpets, shelenack, shenanigans, singing, sir hilldo, smut, spreadsheets, spreadsheets!, stalking cloud, statistics, summoning, supertroopers, swimming, taking care of kitties!, the live ends, the white stripes, tifa, tubby, turks, vampires, video games, volunteering at animal shelters, you're doing it wrong, your mom, yufflepuff, yuna, zeromus, zeromus' bleeding cock, zombie fetus zeromus